About Us

I guess our adventures began many many years ago when we met on our scout leader training course. For what we were doing a love of the outdoors was a necessity. We hit it off pretty quickly and soon we were caving, camping and 4wding all around NSW.

Our camping adventures became pretty serious post kids when we purchase our Adventure Camper and started planning some more adventurous trips. We did a 10 day trip to Birdsville to meet the guys from 4WD Action, but this only gave us the taste of red dirt and want of more. In 2012 we started planning on the idea of going to Cape York. At this point the kids were only 2.5 and 1. We soon realized that travelling that distance and for a period of 6 weeks we needed the kids to be out of nappies and for them to be a bit older to understand some of the dangers associated with the trip. We now aimed for July 2014.

After a lot of planning and saving we booked our 6 week trip to the cape. Well it didn’t last that long, in fact the trip only ended up being 10 days because as we were heading to Old Laura we hit a severe ditch and bent the chassis of our car. Trip Over! This was all made worse by finding out the next morning that my grandfather has passed away. So we headed for home.

After the disappointment of our much awaited trip we turned to one another one Sunday morning in late 2014 and said “our bad luck can’t last forever can it?”. It was on this day that we decided that we would work towards packing up and hitting the road indefinitely. Work, live and learn on the road. A dream was born.

We are a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) counting down to when we hit the road. Thanks for joining us on the adventure…