What’s our why? Why pack up our family and travel?

This photo right here is the inspiration for our trip around Oz

We planned for 2 years for our dream trip to Cape York. Saved our bums off. It finally it arrived . We left with 2 small kids and so much excitement for what lay ahead.

Less than 2 weeks in we hit a ditch a little too fast on an outback road and the result was a bent chassis on our Nissan Navara. That night my grandfather passed away . . . And that made our decision easy . . . Leave the car behind and fly home!

So that is our why:

  1. Making time for family – life is too short
  2. Taking the slow road for a while – more snuggles, more fun, less rush here rush there
  3. We have made this lifestyle our priority
  4. Our kids need to know freedom and adventure
  5. Minimalism – time out from peer pressure, deadlines, crazy schedules, less stuff, less technology . . . Less of a lot of things.

We cant wait to hit the road and give our kids more of our time and more of ourselves to make help them grow into amazing human beings.

You can do this too . . . Make a plan, commit your whole heart to it, and it will come true. It may seem like such a big decision, but it really isn’t. You are just making a decision to enrich the life of your family. Go on, do it!

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