Distance Education – How we made the decision

When we started investigating education in NSW our options are limited. There is the chance to homeschool, but the regulations only allow homeschooling in a fixed location. This was not going to suit our travel lifestyle, so we have made the decision to school our kids via Distance Education from 2019. We connected with a few other travelling families who were from NSW and they couldn’t speak highly enough of the North East Public School of Distance Education (NEPSODE) based in Port Macquarie.


6 Reasons why we Chose Distance Education

There are many reasons for our choice but here are the key ones;

  • creating my own curriculum freaked me out and that’s not what our trip is about.
  • we got awesome feedback from other travelling families enrolled with the school.
  • we chatted with the Deputy Principal at NEPSODE and found their program for travelling families to be just what we needed
  • there is some flexibility in the program allowing us to get the best out of our travels.
  • our son thrives on structure, so with the flexibility that will be our trip, structure with schooling is something we can give him.
  • finally, if we are having trouble help is only one call away!
Meet and Greet

Even though we had sent the enrollment paperwork off we took the chance while in the area to make a visit to the school campus in Port Macquarie. It was lovely to sit and meet with the Principal and chat how the Distance Education process works. We learnt about blue bags, the magic USB and all the resources, support and the community we are becoming part off. The distance education process is very much about being in a supportive relationship with the school who will help the children thrive and learn.

We look forward to our learning journey. If you have any questions about the process we have been through so far, hit us up.  We would love to hear about your Education journey! When we commence the journey we will be sure to update you all on the progress.